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Chartify.it lets you turn raw data into charts, instantly in your web browser. Just drag and drop a file onto the page and select the fields to use. We handle the data wrangling so you can run transformations and see results within seconds.

Make charts instantly

Just select from one of three options per field and we'll create the SQL query and show you a chart instantly. We take into account the context of the data to make sure you see the most appropriate chart.

Clean data visually

Data can easily be cleaned within charts. Simply select the datapoints then choose to remove or update them. Missing values are displayed alongside charts to maintain context.

Run statistics and machine learning

You can apply statistical and machine learning algorithms by first selecting charts then choosing one of four actions: compose, decompose, model, transform. No coding needed.

Pay only for what you use

Chartify.it is like a pre-pay pay-as-you-go mobile phone but for data analytics. Instead of talk-time minutes we give you compute-time tokens. Compute-time tokens let your costs grow and shrink to meet your needs, so you only pay for what you use.

Do you prefer a monthly plan? Subscribe to one of our monthly plans to get savings on the compute-time tokens you need along with access to exclusive features.

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