Advanced Data Analytics

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Data Importing - Fully Automated
No need to manually define schemas or reformat data

Data Cleaning - Within Visualisations
Rapid single step workflow supporting real-time data feeds

Collaborate - Throughout Analysis
Multi-user sessions & algorithm market place to improve productivity

Intuitive Technology

Empowering all to gain insights from data

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What do we offer? is an advanced data analytics platform that empowers everyone to work with data. Our patent pending technology delivers a simple and intuitive interface without the complexity and distraction of code, nor the limitations of traditional template-based analytics. Based on web-technologies, offers friction-free delivery to users across a range of devices, from laptops and PCs through to tablets and mobile devices as well as immersive environments.

Through machine learning techniques extracts the context of data and combines it with predictors such as best practices and historic usage patterns. This means only the most appropriate functions, parameters, and visualisations are offered and thereby increases the bandwidth from humans to machines. Cultivation of a higher level of communication allows teams to focus their attention on applying their domain-expertise and hence improve productivity. Further more, supports collaborative working through multiple workspace sessions and multiple users within each workspace session. supports a range of deployment options from on-premises self-hosted, offering the highest level of data auditing, control, and security, right through to cloud-based self-managed and fully-managed services. Our on-premises self-hosted solution is easily deployed as a virtual machine image within a XenServer Hypervisor. Alternative deployment images can be tailored to requirements, please contact us for further information.

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